At Carson Tahoe Hospital the emergency department is located on the far west side of the building and has been a challenge to locate for first time patients. BHA was approached to design a new entry element that would make the Emergency Department identifiable and easier to find. To that end BHA developed a 1- ½ story structure caped with a pyramid shaped skylight. The new addition projects out from the façade of the existing building and is done in such a way that it looks like it was original to the building. Because of its change in height and projection from the building, coupled with signage it stands out and is clearly defined.

In addition to being a way finding element, the new entry vestibule provides an air lock thus reducing the heating and cooling loads. As an added measure against the howling winter winds, doors face in two directions which allows the Hospital to close off a bank of doors if the winds get too strong. Heated sidewalks add another layer of added safety. Inside is a new security office which overlooks the parking lot.

The new vestibule is scheduled to come on line in August 2015.