Healthcare FacilitiesBerger Hannafin Architecture added digital modeling to their bag of tricks back in 2013. Technology is forward moving and quickly changing the way we do things in architecture. The same principles apply

  • conceptualize the design
  • revise to specifications
  • produce technical drawings (blueprints) for contractors

While this is a very simplified summary of the design process (there is a lot more that goes into it), the point I’d like to make is that the use of digital modeling and CAD condenses the phases and makes moving from one phase to the next faster and accuracy is through the roof! That is the gift of the digital realm and we embrace it. However, Darrin Berger (Principle Partner of BHA) also enjoys the process of putting pen to paper. Producing hundreds of “doodles”, as he calls them, to satisfy his inner artist and work through concepts before taking it to the computer. Fun and whimsical to the eye, they inform much of the outside-the-box design that BHA has become well known for. Take a look at Darrin’s Doodles.

Berger Hannafin Architecture Embraces Technology While Nurturing The Basics